What is ePerformance?

An electronic result you can (truthfully) measure, work and scale.

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Ultimately, It’s an online customer acquisition driven from a media channel. We just happen to drive this (mostly) through offline channels - away from the controlling glare of the Digital behemoth.

Using a bit of brain power (as leaders in performance marketing) and our own ePic technology (which calculates real impact and ROI) – we will rival your best performing digital channels on CPA.

In fact, we’d go head to head on your facebook ad spend ROI – now that’s empowering!

Who we work with

Direct to consumer brands (DTC) or partner agencies looking for specialist resource and additional media channels to significantly grow their overall customer acquisition marketing spend.

How we do it

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Highly impactful Ad-insertions that reach engaged audience groups through website, apps, email and physical media. Reach e-shoppers in buying mode at pre and post check-out touch points.
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Cut through the display pages of print to increase response by 5-10 times using inserts. Learn how to optimize each and every step for maximum ROI through our industry-leading team. Understand ePerformance’s new audience targeting segmentations that increase propensity to e-shop by up to 300%, and bring the old and forgotten to the invigorating... Read more
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We empower growth for our clients through TV, by harnessing the raw reach of broadcast channels combined with it’s more sophisticated and granular capabilities. We dispel the myth that TV is only for established brands with big money – we have already secured unprecedented support from the TV industry, on your behalf. So if you like the sound of unique low cost deals, expertly delivered with flexibility and choice, coupled with post-campaign performance analysis that works for you… ePerformance is where you need to look! Read more

Empowering growth for brands to win customers!

We help DTC brands and agency partners big and small accelerate their customer acquisition marketing through using the above ePerformance channels.

Some snippets of success

“ePerformance delivered a fantastic TV campaign, on time and on budget, that resulted in a trebling of our web activity, and a huge surge in leads”
Marketing Manager,
Harvey Water Softeners.
“Our inserts + eserts booked through ePerformance have proved to be a very efficient customer acquisition channel”
“We re-entered the inserts market with the support + guidance of the ePerformance team, and are delighted with the results we are seeing, both in terms of customer acquisition response + overall quality.”
Acquisition Manager,

Small to medium brands, seeking fast scale

Big brands seeking channel specialism

If this resonates with you, why not get in touch to see how we could work together...

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Meet the Senior Team

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Dan Barnett

Managing Director, ePerformance

contact emaildanbarnett@eperformance.io
Dan is a print and inserts specialist, and has great experience in helping b2c businesses large and small use these channels effectively for fast customer growth. He joined ePerformance in May 2017, along with Gary Whyte, and has driven its consistent success since then.

Challenge Dan to…introduce you to his super, lean, specialist team that will deliver compelling + scalable results
Gary Whyte Image

Gary Whyte

Founder, ePerformance

contact emailgarywhyte@eperformance.io
Gary launched ePerformance (previously Amplify) in May 2017. He has worked with a plethora of ecommerce businesses, helping them to recruit new customers for less, using offline media to drive a digital response.

Challenge Gary to… find bespoke and exciting ways to unlock rapid customer acquisition growth.
Callum Herbert Image

Callum Herbert

Director, ePerformance

contact emailcallumherbert@eperformance.io
Callum has worked both client and agency side, working with fast growth ecommerce brands looking for performance at scale. From a start-up background, Callum has helped numerous new businesses achieve aggressive customer acquisition targets through digital CPA platforms and traditional offline media channels.

Challenge Callum to... share his start up expertise in driving fast new customer growth at significant scale.
Jennie Shepherd Image

Jennie Shepherd

Head of Media & Delivery

contact emailjennieshepherd@eperformance.io
Personally responsible for delivering over £4.5B TV spend over 15 years working with start ups to bluechips - there is no tv deal Jennie can’t handle. And she heads up our super-duper delivery teams in Brighton and Kent across all channels.

Challenge Jen to... Get you on TV with the best possible deal highly relevant programming and Affordable TV production to maximise ePerformance.
Jim Lewcock Image

Jim Lewcock

Founder, BLUE14 and ePerformance

contact emailjim@blue14.io
Unquestionably the Guvnor of the U.K. media performance industry, Jim has spent the last 15 years leading both agencies and b2c brands to high (realised) valuations through his passion for inserts, tv and dm.

Challenge Jim to... Help you find your blue ocean strategy and put 250,000 new digital customers on your database.
Dom Benton Image

Dom Benton

Co-Founder, BLUE14

contact emaildom@blue14.io
A growth advertising specialist, Dom has been instrumental in the relentless, high-volume customer acquisition that has resulted in a combined total of over £1billion in exit value for his clients. Dom uses his knowledge and experience to support both agencies and advertisers in performance marketing.

Challenge Dom to… challenge you! He’ll help you interrogate your existing strategy and develop a max-out growth plan

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